Hi 👋 I'm Miranda, a product designer and storyteller at Brown University studying Computer Science.

I believe good design brings people together to solve problems and create social impact.

But before I was a designer, I started as a:

I eventually realized that as a pure artist, I was handicapped because I rely on others to actualize my ideas.

So I looked for any opportunities to learn how to build stuff in college:

  • Took an infamous intro CS class, felt overwhelmed but also empowered that I can create my own things
  • Designed for Hack@Brown, where I found my voice in advocating for inclusion and accessibility in tech
  • TA for CS1300 UI/UX at Brown, teaching others how to find solutions to human problems
  • Researched at the 3D Perception and Action Lab, getting a taste of tomorrow's problems in VR

When COVID hit, instead of attending Zoom University, I took a gap semester at home in Shanghai to test my design skills in the real world:

I'm excited to keep learning and advocating for social good in my journey. Outside of design, catch me:

  • pole dancing!
  • making homemade calligraphy cards
  • taking flying kick photos all over the world
  • planning my study abroad in France after I graduate

If you are all the way down here already, thanks for taking this journey with me 🥳 Reach out to me at miranda_mo@brown.edu to chat!

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